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Alessandra Sorace is a young Christian multilingual recording artist, singer, and speaker.
From country churches to Disneyland, Alessandra's voice has inspired live audiences of up
to 70,000 in nine different languages. From the day she sang her first solo in church at four
years old, Alessandra realized that music would be her way of sharing God's love with
others. At age eight, she began touring, making appearances on international TV networks
for live productions, recorded programs, and personal interviews. By age 16, she had
released three studio albums in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. She has since toured 30
states and six countries, and stars in the Christian TV series, "Love Me" as a singer and

Alessandra's passion is helping others experience genuine friendship with God. Her
concerts inspire audiences, who often say they aren't just listening to a performance but
feel they are being personally led to the feet of Jesus. She says, "When you open the heart
to the music, you open the mind to the message. What medicine is to the body, music is the
soul." Her tours and performances have taken her to churches, stadiums, and convention
centers across America. She frequently sings at international conferences as well as for
government, corporate, and sports events.

Beyond the stage and outside of school, Alessandra loves wakeboarding on the lake,
working with horses on the ranch, and volunteering at church. She often jokes that "life is all
about balance" as she leaves the stage and heads out with friends to travel, ski, backpack,
and scuba dive. Apart from scaring her mother with pictures of her free solo climbing trips,
she also enjoys playing the piano and joining her family in humanitarian aid projects
domestically and abroad.

Her love for people and music radiates through her performances, presentations, and
accomplishments as she strives to fulfill the meaning of her name, "A helper of all people


Discography, Singles and Videos

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go—English

Amor Que No Me Dejarás -  Spanish

Amor Que Não Me Desampara - Portuguese

The Star Spangled Banner, What Is America to Me (The House I Live In), Original single on its way! 

Music Videos:  Alessandra’s YouTube Channel


Venues, Concerts & Appearances and Other Events Include:

Churches:  USA, Central & South America

The San Antonio Alamodome, Disneyland

Convention Centers: Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Antonio, Orlando, Spokane, Louisville...

Schuster Theater, Amway Theater, Celebrity Theater, Crystal Cathedral...

California Fourth District Court of Appeals...

Health, Youth Conferences & Academies

Fundraisers & Benefit Concerts

International Business Conferences

General Conference Corporate Headquarters

Government & Corporate Award & Ceremony Events

Humanitarian and Philanthropic Events

Sports, rodeo, municipal and other events

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