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The music download is licensed to the purchaser and is non-refundable.  Copyright law prohibits the copy and distribution to others and is for the sole use of the person purchasing the music.
Copyright laws protect and enable artists recoup their monetary, work and talent-based investment to continue providing music for the your enjoyment.  Thank you for your support..
What do you think of when you think of your country? Do you think of the cultural foods and sights, your friends and neighbors, and the warm feeling of coming home? I do. I love this song because it reminds us all of what our nations really mean to us. It’s not the geography, or the system with its many imperfections, but the people around us that make the country we love so sweet.
I sing this ballad in appreciation of my country that gives me the opportunity to thrive independently through hard work, and ingenuity. A place where race and education do not have to be the defining factors of success, but rather forward thinking and a thirst to succeed. It is these people that make my country great.
That is America to me.


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