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Copyright ©ASPLLC Disclosure
The music download is licensed to the purchaser and is non-refundable.  Copyright law prohibits the copy and distribution to others and is for the sole use of the person purchasing the music.
Copyright laws protect and enable artists recoup their monetary, work and talent-based investment to continue providing music for the your enjoyment.  Thank you for your support..
I sing this song not only because it is near and dear to my heart being my country’s anthem, but also in admiration of this solemn depiction of sacrificial effort.
This song reflects the story of our nation’s beginning. A story of the underdog moving forward against all odds because of their faith in God and their will to make for themselves and their families a better life.
I hope this story of perseverance inspires people, both young and young at heart to shatter their limits, act now, and change their world.
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