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Copyright ©ASPLLC Disclosure
The music download is licensed to the purchaser and is non-refundable.  Copyright law prohibits the copy and distribution to others and is for the sole use of the person purchasing the music.
Copyright laws protect and enable artists recoup their monetary, work and talent-based investment to continue providing music for the your enjoyment.  Thank you for your support..
14-yr old soprano, Alessandra, brings comfort and good news through 12 beautifully orchestrated hymn classics.

In her words:  "Hymns are poetry in song that come deep from the heart of its authors.  

In great trials, tribulations and in victories is how God has inspired them to write and to share with us a piece of their history and experiences; those things with which we can relate.  

May this CD bring you comfort, may it uplift you and bring you closer to a loving Father who longs to make of your life a song of praise."


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